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COVID 19 Information for Parents Sept 2020


1. Can I chat to other parents in the playground?
Yes, but it is really important to stick to the 2m social distancing rule in
the playground, as well as everywhere else. We know that it is really
tempting to greet people you’ve not seen in a long time with a hug or
kiss, or to join a chat with a group of parents, but COVID-19 is still with
us. Even if you are wearing a mask, social distancing is essential.
2. Will my children be doing PE?
Yes, PE is really important for children, but lessons will be adapted to
reduce risk of spread of COVID-19. You can make it much easier by
checking when your child has PE lessons and making sure that they go to
school in their PE kit on those days.
3. Can children go to school with a cold?
If a child does not have symptoms of COVID-19 but has other cold-like
symptoms, such as a runny nose, they do not need to be tested and they
and you do not need to self-isolate. Your child can go to school if fit to do
4. Are children able to go to school if a parent or another
sibling, or anyone else in their house has symptoms of
If a child/parent/household member develops symptoms of COVID-19,
the entire household should immediately self-isolate, and book a
test for the individual with the symptoms. It is not necessary to test
the entire household if they are not symptomatic.
The COVID-19 symptoms are:
 a new continuous cough
 a high temperature
 loss of or change to sense of smell or taste
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5. Are children able to go to school if they have been in contact
with someone who they don’t live with but who has
symptoms of COVID-19?
If a child has been in “contact” with someone experiencing symptoms,
they should carry on as normal until that individual receives their test
result. If this is positive, the TTP Team will contact people identified as
Contact means:
 face-to-face contact with someone less than 1 metre away
(including when you have worn a face covering or face mask)
 spending more than 15 minutes within 2 metres of someone
 travelling in a car with someone (even on a short journey)
6. What happens if the school has a positive case for COVID19?
When a confirmed case of COVID-19 is identified as attending an
educational or childcare setting (staff or pupil) contact will be made with
the case (or parent) to assess whether they attended the school during
their infectious period and whether further tracing of contacts in the
school is needed. If any staff member or child within the school is a
contact of the case, they will be required to self-isolate for 14 days and
contacted by your local Test, Trace, Protect (TTP) team or Education
Department. If a staff member or child from the school is not a contact of
the case, they will not be required to self-isolate.
7. Booking a COVID-19 test:
Only people with symptoms (a new continuous cough, a high
temperature, or loss of or change in the sense of taste or smell) should be
A COVID-19 test can be arranged via the Portal, or by ringing 119.
Testing is available in person or with a home testing kit delivered to and
collected from your home. The test is a throat swab or combined throat
and nose swab.
Some people are having difficulties obtaining tests. Your TTP team may
be able to help if you are having problems.
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8. Self-isolation:
Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, and anyone who lives with them, must
self-isolate, even if symptoms are mild.
You must not go to school, nursery, other childcare settings, work, or
places like a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.
Anyone with symptoms must self-isolate for 10 days from when their
symptoms started. They can return to school or work after 10 days if they
are well enough to do so.
Anyone in the household who does not have symptoms must self-isolate
for 14 days from when the first person in the home started having
A test is only needed for people who are symptomatic. People who are not
symptomatic should not have a test.
Receiving a negative test result when you are a contact of a case does
not shorten the isolation period, you will still be required to isolate for 14
days if you are a confirmed contact of a positive case.
If a parent thinks their child has symptoms BUT chooses not to put them
through a test all household members must remain in self-isolation for 14
days from the onset of symptoms.
If you receive a positive test result, you will be contacted by the TTP
If the person who has symptoms has a negative test, self-isolation can
end for everyone, children may return to school and parents can return to
work if they are well enough and as long as nobody else in the household
has developed symptoms.

Coming into school:

Monday 7th September

All pupils will go into their new classes. New Nursery children will be contacted Monday and Tuesday this week and will be invited into school in small groups for a play and stay session.  New Nursery will then begin school on Monday 14th September 2020.

New Class Start time Finish time Entrance/exit point
Reception P 9:00am 3:00pm External door off Reception classroom entrance.
Reception J 9:15am 3:15pm
1F 8:45am 2:45pm External door to1F
1L 8:45am 2:45pm External door to 1G
2HW 9:15am 3:15pm External door to main building – Entrance through double gate from carpark.
2R 9:15am 3:15pm
3G 8:45am 2:45pm External door to 3G
3J 8:45am 2:45pm External door to year 3/4 block – Entrance off top yard.
4T 9:00am 3:00pm External door to year 3/4 block – Entrance off top yard.
4R 9:15am 3:15pm
5F 8:45am 2:45pm External door to 5F
5W 8:45am 2:45pm External door to 5w
6CG from Friday 4th September 9:00am 3:00pm External door to 6CG
6CH from Friday 4th September 9:00am 3:00pm External door to 6CH
Nursery AM 9:00am 11:30am External door to nursery – Entrance through mushroom yard.
Nursery PM 12:45pm 3:15pm

All areas will be clearly labelled from all entrances onto the school site.


Attendance at school will be compulsory for all children unless they have a medical/health reason not to do so. This will include learners who are still shielding, if the advice at the time is that they should attend school.

Pupils must not arrive at school any earlier or later than the time slot allocated, however, the breakfast club will run from 8am for working parents. Please email me with any queries.

Breakfast club and After school club

Penmorfa Kids Club will no longer run from Ysgol Penmorfa.  However, school will be offering full day care provision once registration comes through. In the interim we are extending our free breakfast club hours and will run from 8am.  An after school club will also be available from 3.15 until 5.15pm at a cost of £7 per pupil. If you wish to book your child into this provision please contact us via the website with details of which days you would like your child/children to attend.  We will then confirm your booking and send you further information regarding this new provision.  Once registration comes through we will run both breakfast club and after school club as they were before Covid 19 (8am – 9am and 3.05pm – 6pm).

All pupils will have a designated entry and exit point into and out of school.

No adults can accompany pupils into school. Only school staff and pupils will be allowed in the school building and parents and pupils must maintain social distancing when on the school site. Parents may be asked to leave the school site if they are unable to maintain appropriate social distancing.

If you have any further questions regarding the children coming back to school please use the “contact” tab on this website.

Mrs Davies, Headteacher

We are very proud of our school and its ongoing achievements and we hope that you will very quickly feel part of our school community.

Ysgol Penmorfa, which opened in 1960, is a large Infant/Junior school catering for boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 11 years.

Ysgol Penmorfa has a tradition of fostering a happy and caring family atmosphere and we believe in encouraging every child to achieve their potential, making learning an enjoyable and exciting experience.

This website should provide a taste of our school, but if there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We firmly believe that parents and staff should work together and we look forward to developing our partnership for the benefit of the children in our school.


Our Mission

Making the most of everyone.
A happy, caring and respectful school community providing quality experiences which enable everyone to reach their full potential.

School Prospectus

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School Meals

Fresh, healthy and varied school meals are prepared on the premises. Children who have special diets can be catered for by prior arrangement.