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All applications can be completed online at

Nursery 2021 – Children born between 1st September 2017 and 31st August 2018

You can apply from 29th September 2020 for a Nursery place.

Nursery pupils can be admitted to our Nursery classes for five half days per week. Once the applications have been processed by the authority parents will receive lots more information from school during the summer term before their child starts in September.

Reception 2021

If your child is currently attending an Ysgol Penmorfa Nursery class you must still apply for a Reception place. This is not a guarantee of a place and other applications will also be considered.

You can apply for  Reception 2021 from 28th September 2020.

During the summer term parents will receive further information in preparation for your child starting full time school in September.

Secondary School 2021

If your child is in Year 6, you will need to apply for a place at Secondary School (High School). Apply now online.  The deadline for Year 7 (Secondary School) applications is 6th November 2020. You will receive confirmation of their secondary school place at the beginning of March 2021.

You will not be guaranteed a place at your chosen High School if your application is late.

Additional Learning Needs

Ysgol Penmorfa prides itself on being an inclusive school and it is our policy to welcome and integrate children who have additional learning needs.

Details can be found on our School Policies page.