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Mrs Hambridge and Mrs Fuller in Reception and Miss Hughes in Nursery welcome you to Early Years. We hope you enjoy looking at our page and finding out about what we have being doing.

Spring Term 2024


St David’s Day
St David’s Day
Number Blocks

Number work


RWInc using our Fred talk to read
Learning about the great pacific garbage patch with the go jetters
The journey of a letter
Forest School Bug Hunt
Practising Gymnastics
Phonic time learning the sh and ch sounds
Making Leek and Potato Stew
Making Birds Nests
Making 10 in different ways
Exploring tens and ones
Enjoying the outdoors
Dydd Gwy; Dewi Sant
Developing Maths skills on iPads

Autumn Term 2023

Children in Need activities
A visit from the Hedgehog Lady
Life Skills Fun
Looking for Shapes Outdoors
Making Bubble Mixture and Bubbles
Making Pizza
Playing Pairs Games

Summer Term 2023

Xplore workshops showing us how robots grab and move items in space
Xplore workshop teaching us about different planets.
Practicing writing our numbers
Making crowns ready for the coronation celebration
Explore capacity outside in the water tray

Spring Term 2023

Practicing our letters and sounds
Painting in our creative station
Making numbers in the snow
Making leek and potato soup
Learning about our Welsh culture
Learning about birds for the big bird watch
Exploring in the outdoor classroom
Discovering what is heavy and light
Discovering different units of measure
Designing and making using recyclable materials
Celebrating on World Book Day
Being Creative

Autumn Term 2022

Working Outside

Summer term 2022

Rec H

Spring term 2022


Working together in the forest to make friendship bracelets for each other.

Working hard learning our numbers, weighing and measuring.

We made yellow hearts to display to cheer us and others up, remembering a year in lockdown.
Playing subtraction games outdoors
Learning our phonics and writing in different ways
Celebrating St David’s Day by making daffodils, Welsh flags and tasting Bara Brith.
We made a fairy house in the Forest school.
We had fun learning the story of The Three Little Pigs. Look at our masks! (World book day 2021)
Testing materials to see how strong they are. We are going to design a strong house for the three little pigs.
Practicing careful handwashing
Learning to subtract with the Big, Bad Wolf.
Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! We had fun singing Welsh songs and trying yummy bara brith.
Celebrating Chinese New Year
Learning and counting with our Time to Rhyme topic
Nursery busy brushing teeth

Autumn Term 2019

Having fun with mummies and daddies
Scooping porridge oats in the sand area
Making chocolate sparklers
Crazy fireworks fun
Making rockets as we learn about fireworks
Getting dirty on Global Outdoor Learning Day

Bear Topic

Measuring bears as part of our Teddy bear topic
Global outdoor day Bear hunt
Three bears fun in the role play area
Teddy bear hunt!
A visit from ‘Bear’ the therapy dog
Bear the dog!
Learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Reading and Learning
Outdoor classroom – Building homes for our pets
Busy creating fantastic fireworks!

Pet Topic

Keeping our class pet nice and clean
Investigating the many animals that live in our outdoor classroom
Learning how to look after our pets
Working together to problem solve and rescue the dog from the tree

Circle games in the sunshine

Keeping our teeth nice and clean in Reception

Learning to sit smartly

A lovely visit from KeyStrings

Inspiration Day – Pets

Throwing and Catching our toy pets during Inspiration Day

Counting with dog biscuits

Summer term

This half term we have been learning about pets.  We learned to program the Bee-bot to get to the different pets.  

Spring term

We visited the town library as part of an ‘Our Town’ topic.  The children enjoyed choosing their own book and listening to lots of stories. 

We all had fun on World Book day, dressing up as characters from our favourite books. 

Look at us, showing off our beautiful Easter bonnets!


We enjoyed a visit from ‘Key Strings’.  We even got to play some of the instruments. 

As part of the ‘ESDGC’  curriculum (Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship), children in Reception learn about different aspects of China throughout the year.  In the Autumn term they enjoyed tasting delicious Chinese food like noodles, egg fried rice and prawn crackers. 


Our children have lots of fun exploring the Outdoor classroom.  They enjoy getting messy and finding out about the world around them. 

In Reception we use Numicon to develop our knowledge of numbers.  Children enjoy using Numicon in lots of different ways. 


This half term our topic was Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  The children in Reception had a lot of fun following the instructions to make yummy porridge. 

The boys thought the porridge was delicious… empty bowls all round. 



St David’s Day and World Book Day seemed to come all at once this year.

One day we were celebrating St David and came to school dressed in all things Welsh, painting Red Dragons and baking Welsh Cakes.

The next day we were all dressed up as our favourite characters to celebrate World Book Day.


The Festival has Christmas Trees from many groups and schools in the local area and our Early Years children have decorated our entry again this year.  We have won our section in this festival for several years and are hoping for another success this year.  Please go along to the Church and place your vote! Winners will be announced and prizes given on Saturday 26th November.


Children in Early Years enjoyed making Pudsey Bears decorating cakes and biscuits getting ready for the cakes stall after school.  Well done to everyone who helped us.

dsc04693 dsc04700 dsc04716 dsc04720 dsc04721 dsc06305 dsc06309

dsc01602 dsc06310 dsc04679 dsc01599 dsc01591 dsc01584 dsc01583 dsc01581 dsc01580 dsc01579 dsc01578 dsc01577 dsc01576 dsc01573 dsc01569 dsc01566 dsc01561 dsc06310 dsc04709 dsc04707 dsc04679


We all came to school dressed in Red or in Sports clothes ready to raise money by running, skipping and jumping around our school grounds:

DSC03315 DSC03321 DSC03325 DSC03328 DSC03330 DSC03337 DSC03338 DSC03391 DSC03414 DSC03415 DSC03417 DSC03419 DSC03422


We have had lots of fun learning about all the characters we came to school dressed up as.  Here are a few of our costumes:

DSC03078DSC03079 DSC03080  DSC03082    DSC03199 DSC03200 DSC03201 DSC03202 DSC03205 DSC03207 DSC03209DSC03081

St David’s Day Celebrations

DSC03172We enjoyed singing Welsh songs and learning all about Welsh culture today.  Some of even dressed in Welsh costumes and in Welsh colours for the day…DSC03176DSC03174


Here are some memorable photos of our performers at this year’s Christmas Service


DSC02678 DSC02591DSC02698  DSC02637 DSC02640 DSC02641 DSC02644 DSC02650 DSC02652 DSC02657 DSC02661

DSC02699 DSC02705 DSC02706 DSC02707 DSC02708 DSC02710 DSC02712 DSC02713 DSC02715 DSC02716 DSC02717 DSC02718 DSC02719 DSC02720 DSC02721 DSC02722 DSC02723 DSC02724 DSC02726 DSC02727 DSC02728 DSC02729




CHRISTMAS FAIR – Friday 4th December 2015

This year the Christmas Fair will be held at 3.30pm. Each class will be putting together items for their own Christmas Stall and we are always grateful for any items you may want to donate.  This year your child’s class will be responsible for the:

 Free Craft Activity Table

If you would like to help, please begin to send your donations to school so that we can be sure there are enough items to create the Early Years Christmas Stall.

Also, if you feel you will be able to help in any way – this could be during the term to help keep things in order, during the afternoon of the Christmas Fair to help set up the stalls or at the Fair itself to help run the stall – please contact the PTA so they can contact you to arrange the times and days you will be able to help.  Any help is always really appreciated.

BBC Children in Need Appeal – Friday 13th November 2015

We have been having lots of fun in Early Years raising money to help children.

DSC02541    DSC02553

We have been busy decorating superhero masks, colouring Pudsey Bear picture and making chocolate rice krispie cakes! Yum yum!


FLU VACCINATION – Monday 16th November 2015

The Flu vaccine will be offered to all pupils from Reception to Year 2 this year and the Nurse will be in school on Monday 16th November 2015 to administer it. Please look out for the consent form which will be sent home for you to read, sign and return to school before the vaccine can be given.

During the first full week back in school we all enjoyed being entertained by Key Strings.

Key strings performSome of us had the opportunity to play different types of musical instruments

Some were a little more tricky than others

Myfanwy OwenKieran Bartlett

and some were really big….

Benjamin Broadrick

and then there were things we had never seen or heard before…

Poppy Moss

But it was very exciting and really loud and we all had a great time!

Festival of Christmas Trees (Monday 24th November – Saturday 29th November)

Every year the Early Years children are busy designing and making decorations for the Christmas Tree which is entered into the Festival of Christmas Trees at the Prestatyn Parish Church. This year the theme is “The Magic of Christmas” and there is lots of activity down in Early Years with lots of glue and glitter.
If you would like to see support the school during the Festival, the tree will be on show at the church for the entire week with the results being announced on Saturday 29th November at 4pm.
The tree will then be in the Foyer at School right up until the Christmas break.

Here are some of the Christmas trees from previous years:

2011 the theme was Pantomimes and we chose Jack and the Bean Stalk
Christmas 2011

2012 the theme was Nursery Rhymes and we chose Hey Diddle Diddle
Christmas 2012-sml