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There is an increasing number of cars being parked or stopping to drop off children in front on the top car park and in the space provided for the disabled. Whilst we are not able to police the car park and cannot dictate how people choose to park, please bear in mind that everyone needs to park somewhere.

Please use the drop off bays if any are available so that we can create a steady flow of traffic through the one way system.

We have also been informed that some cars are being left unattended across residents’ driveways and at the rear gates in Dawson Crescent.

The rear gates are for emergency vehicles and it is vital that access along here and at the gates is clear at all times.

We understand that the car parking facilities and surrounding areas do not allow enough room for everyone bringing their children to school by car but your patience during the busy times of day is very much appreciated.

Breakfast Club

Avoid the traffic altogether and come along to our free Breakfast Club from 8:00am.