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           Hello and Welcome to our School Council Webpage!

On here you will be able to find out who has been chosen to represent our school council, keep up to date with all the exciting changes and developments we have been discussing in our meeting, and find out how you can support forthcoming fundraising events.




What is a School Council?

A School Council is a group of pupils who represent the views of all pupils in our school, to make our school an even better place to grow, learn and play.


‘Every child has a Voice’

Each year every pupil has the opportunity to become their class councillor. Each pupil is given one vote; the child with the most votes is elected as their class councillor.


A huge congratulations to this year’s School Councillors:


6C – Precious Brown


Vice Chairperson

4M – * 



5R – Enaya Ahmad      

5A – Mia Davies  



4G – Scarlett Goss    

3G – Freya Angel    



6G – Luke Donaldson   

3F – Matthew Dennick

2RG – Max Edwards     

2H – *

1GM – * 

1W – Emilie Oliver     

RF – Faith Jones

RP – Shelby Mills




The school council is over-seen and supported by Mrs Roberts (Year 2 Class Teacher) but led by the children themselves.


What do we do?

Our School Council meets with Mrs Roberts to discuss forthcoming events, problems and ideas and put forward views of children in their class. We then work together to develop ideas and plan events. After each meeting pupils report back any developments to their class.