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Mrs Heathcote and Mrs Paley welcome you to the Year 2 page.

Summer Term 2023

During our Year 2 Sports we had lots of fun taking part in lots of different races and trying our best. We raced as individuals but also worked in pairs and small teams
We have learnt to use Scratch to create different moving pictures. We chose the background, characters and movements that we wanted to use. We enjoyed sharing these with our friends.
We learnt the Welsh poem Glaw
We made our own pizza dough by weighing flour and stirring in natural yoghurt. We chose our toppings and carefull put them on our pizza in a symmetrical pattern
We used water colours to create artwork inspired by the astist Janet Bell
We worked in pairs to design a new room for a house. We talked about different ideas and the materials which we were going to use. We then followed our design to make our room.

Spring Term 2023

Autumn term 2022

Forest Fun

Summer term 2022

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed working with the artist Tim Pugh to create some impressive pieces of artwork out of natural resources

Summer Term 2021

Spring Term 2021

Using numicon
Sorting using a Venn diagram
Sorting odd and even numbers
Practicing our reading
Making Tabards
Hurdles in PE
Fun in the forest
Working together to build dens in the forest
Practicing our measuring skills
Learning about tens and units.
Learning about changing materials, then designing and decorating biscuits
Designing and making puppets for our chosen figure.
Art work inspired by Tim Pugh

Each half term we will be sharing news, photographs, special events and achievements as well as providing information on the work planned for each half term.

Spring Term 2020

Drawing regular and irregular shapes
Finding out about important people around the world
Making a simple circuit
Making and testing how far our paper aeroplanes can fly
Making our own motions using the iPad
Moving like Disney characters when copying Just Dance
Learning Together session with parents
Following and giving instructions to bee bot
Having fun on Children in Need Day
Learning to use standard measures
Learning to Sketch
Sporting numbers
Recording measurements
Playing Maths Games
Measuring objects in the outdoor classroom
Lots of fun singing welsh songs in the Jambori with Martin Geraint.
Learning in the forest area.
Learning about the importance of saving money with the Principality.
Finding out about different sports using swiggle.
Creating Artwork using natural materials
Working together with materials to construct a roof